Business Bootcamp is an accessible, practical, basic business training program for newly self-employed owner-managers starting businesses in rural areas.

Current Business Bootcamps:

St. Stephen, starting October 9th 2018

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What is Business Bootcamp?

Most new, rural small businesses are started by practitioners with no training in how to run a business. Failure rates are consequently painfully high. This program increases the chances of success for new owner-managers, helping them work ON their businesses. Our aim is to help rural communities create an environment that supports new businesses, contributing to the sustainability of local economies with new jobs that last.

The Business Bootcamp program is a real-world, practical training program for new and existing business owners. Instead of a book and classroom-based course, the Bootcamp brings together successful local business mentors and dynamic local entrepreneurs to work collaboratively on new businesses; program participants watch weekly video instruction in their own time, collect feedback from potential customers, and then meet together weekly with business mentors to report on their progress and discuss issues. The program is designed to help participants ask the right questions as they launch a small business, and particularly focuses on sales & marketing, and financial management.

When are the evening sessions?

Each evening session lasts two hours, but significant time is required to work on the program between evening sessions. The program runs for 10 weeks, and attendance is required for every session.

How much does it cost?

The program fee is $1500, but we can offer funding options for all students thanks to our community partners, so the final cost to each participant is zero!

This program has received support from the following institutions and partners, to whom we are very grateful:

Opportunities New Brunswick
Dept. of Post-Secondary Education Training & Labour
The Wallace McCain Institute at UNB
The Miramichi Technology Fund
St. Stephen’s University
St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce
Miramichi Chamber of Commerce
CBDC Charlotte/Kings
City of Miramichi
St. Stephen Development Board
Vibrant Communities Charlotte County
Humphreys Funeral Home